The mission of the Foundation is to promote the comprehensive socialization of children from orphanages. Every child has the right to a bright future. We aim to help orphans of all ages find and take their place in life.

"Academy of life" Foundation

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Our objectives
Developing the skills necessary for living
To develop the skills of confident behavior in adolescents. Career guidance classes.
To help children get out of their "crisis state" and unleash their creative and personal potential.
To promote the development of communication skills, listening skills, the ability to resolve conflict situations.
and vocational training
Who does our foundation help?
To date, the «Academy of Life» Charitable Foundation for Children has been providing comprehensive support to the «Anita Center» orphanage for several years. Our foundation is implementing an adaptation program, pays for the regular monthly needs of the orphanage, and also participates in the life of each child, providing assistance based on individual needs.
Today, 20 children aged from 3 to 16 years old live in the orphanage «Anita Center». Each child has their own story, that led them to the orphanage, their own traumas and needs. But the most important thing is that each of these children has the right and a chance for a full-fledged future after they step over the threshold of the orphanage and begin adulthood.
Our goal
Our goal is to develop and to implement comprehensive programs in orphanages, that will become the basis for further social adaptation and a full independent life. The Fund's programs will give every child the opportunity to choose a profession, get a decent education and unlock their potential in life and career goals.
Founders and Trustees
Ilya Gorbatskiy
President of the Foundation
Managing partner at IG Maison
Anastasiya Belyak
Member of the Board of Directors
Cofounder of Intellectual members club Akademy London
Philipp Tuponosov
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Entrepreneur in the field of production and engineering
Ashot Khachaturyants
"Academy of Life"
Foundation Trustee
"Academy of Life"
Foundation Trustee
Mikhail Zeligman
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Legal address: 123376, Moscow, st. Krasnaya Presnya, 22
floor 5, room I, office 32
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